Q: How old can one be to do Kung Yo™?

A: I have students from early teens to to late fifties and even one student in her 70′s.

Q: How is Kung Yo™ different from Yoga and Martial Arts?

A: I’ve broken down some of the yoga postures into sequential variations to keep you moving gently to the spiritual Kung Yo sounds of the Baeleric Islands. Therefore it’s easier to access the poses. Fusing this with martial arts movements gives you a terrific workout with very fast results. There are so many different types of Yoga as well as Martial Arts and I mix it up quite a bit to keep it interesting. After all, there is so much to do and so little time. For example, I might combine some Ashtanga with Iyengar Restoratives, Northern Shaolin movements with Southern Wing Chun, and Pranayama Breathing with Chi Gong all in one class.

Q: Is there a lot of ” high-impact” and sparring?

A: No. Sometimes I do a little “Cardio-Kung Yo™” to get the internal fires going but I encourage my students to stay relaxed and move like water floating down a stream. There is no sparring or combativeness. I concentrate on the Spiritual aspect of the Martial Arts for flexibility, balance and internal as well as external strength.

Q: Can I do Kung Yo™ if I’m injured?

A: Yes, if you have your doctor’s consent to exercise. Remember, I developed Kung Yo™ to heal my injuries after tearing my body up from competitve sports, martial arts, and highly demanding stuntwork for movies and tv.

Q: How fast can I see results from Kung Yo™?

A: Immediately. I’ve had students tell me their nagging injuries felt much better after one class and of course the results after regular Kung Yo™ practice are immense and come very quickly.

Q: Can women do Kung Yo™?

A: A lot of my students are women. I suppose a lot of men still think Yoga is for women but the men who do try Kung Yo™ admit it’s a great workout. One woman confided in my that she usually has severe cramps during her period but after 1 month of Kung Yo™ she began her flow freely and with no pain. She didn’t even know she had started her period. She said, “I’m sold.”

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: Just a towel, a yoga mat if you have one (I have a few extras) and I’m developing a “Kung Yo™ Strap” for specific exercises I’ve created.

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