The Steven Leigh YOGA ENERGY MATTM is a stylish Environment Friendly, All Natural Jute Mat for men, women and children, incorporates the benefits of healing and energizing Magnet Therapy.

The YOGA ENERGY MAT was developed to enhance the human bodies “Internal Battery” of Electro Magnetic Force (EMF), with or without exercise, through the safe use of Magnet Therapy placed permanently on a Yoga mat.


Kung Yo Quantum Touch

“Applying the scientifically established principles of resonance and entrainment, in combination with specific – and easy to learn – breathing techniques and meditations, can have powerful and “miraculous” results by conventional standards. Perhaps one of the most important lessons he teaches us is that each and every one of us, young and old alike – regardless of our own personal belief system – have the innate ability to help ourselves and others. It is not the “practitioner who is the healer, but the person receiving the energy. Only we can heal ourselves, just as only we can digest our own food.”

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