Steven Leigh


Kung Yo™ was first introduced in Europe by English speaking Steven Leigh. With little verbal instruction, he created a sequence of simple and fun movements to the unique Kung Yo sounds of Ibiza.

Steven Leigh Kung Yo Creator

Steven Leigh Has:

  • 43 Years Of Martial Arts and Yoga Experience
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
  • Teaching Credential from CSULB (emphasis on Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology)

The 80′s and 90′s for me was acting, from a contract actor on “GENERAL HOSPITAL”, the #1 Soap at the time, to television and Movies of the Week, most notably, NBC’s 12 Hour Mini-Series “NOBLE HOUSE”. Then there were the Martial Art films. Where I kicked serious butt mainly playing “The

Heavy”. Between the movies and full contact competition my body was pretty beat up. At the age of 43 my path turned to Yoga for healing. No weight training, no martial arts, no competition. Just Yoga…everyday. I bought a single class at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, which turned into a Series of 10 Classes. That turned into an “Unlimited for a Month” series. I was taking 2-4 classes per day, 6-7 days a week. That turned into an “Unlimited for a Year” series. I did that for 5 years.

“Over 4000 Hours Of Yoga Instruction!”

At age 48 I slowly returned to weight training and martial arts, combining my yoga knowledge. In between sets, I did yoga postures that stretched

whatever body part I was working. I returned to traditional Kung Fu forms, researched old Shaolin books and found there were many correlations and poses in the martial arts that had it’s roots in yoga. One of the Shaolin Chi Gong Breathing forms had an Indian Sanskrit name. I studied Chi Gong. The poses, breathing, focal points had almost identical yoga points. It was all about opening up the body to let the Chi or Prana flow.

I taught Private Sessions at Gold’s Gym in Venice where I could be very specific and technical in a one on one setting. In May of 2004 I brought my system to Ibiza, Spain. I had to simplify my classes with little or no verbal instruction to about 30 students per class. At the end of each class I could see the light shining from my students’ clear eyes and their wondrous smiles as they experienced their inner energy for the first time in their lives. They had reached a higher plane with very limited yoga or martial art experience. This was extremely satisfying. To share this knowledge with others became my new path in life.


Partial List

Wu Dang Daoist Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Chi Gong – Master Zhong Xue Chao

Bagua/Broadsword – Sifu Jonathan Wang

Chi-Gong – Master Zhou, Ting-Jue

Southern White Eyebrow – Sifu William Chin – New York City

Northern Shaolin- Sifu Alan Lee – New York City

Wing Chun – Sifu Stephen Chan – Hong Kong

JKD – Sifu Dan Inosanto – Torrance, California

Chakariki Kickboxing – Sifu Thom Harninck – Amsterdam, Holland

Don “The Dragon” Wilson’s full contact Sparring Partner and Cornerman


Other Styles: Tae Kwon Do, Escrima, Western Boxing

“I’ve fused two forces…”


Partial List

ASHTANGA under Chuck Miller, Mati, Steve Walford IYENGAR under Lisa Walford, Chris Stein, Paul Cabanis PRANAYAMA BREATHING and RESTORATIVES under Chris Stein

Other notable teachers: Bryan Kest, Shiva Rea, Eric Schiffman

Last but not least, a Yoga Man who has influenced my practice heavily, the innovatively creative “old school” maverick, Chad Hamrin.

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